The Immigration Problem in Canada

Immigrants in Canada have always been welcome but recently there have been issues regarding asylum seekers. A study conducted by IPSOS confirmed that although the people of Canada seem to see the positive side of immigration in Canada, in terms of economic growth as well as cultural prospects, doubts have been expressed over how fair the system really is. Immigration lawyers in Toronto are expressing this concern over the general public issue with the immigrants.

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Dealing with the Problem

The concerns are valid if seen from the point of view of the permanent residents considering the vast number of people entering through the Canadian border since 2017. These are the asylum seekers and are often named as ‘irregular’ migrants. People fear that they are infiltrating a fair course of action and exploiting the entire system.

Not many had heard about the Safe Third Country Agreement which prevented migrants from entering Canada through the official ports, and made it necessary for them to enter through the unofficial points.

Immigration lawyers in Toronto say that this information made some reconsider their attitude while others remained unfazed. The legitimacy of the asylum claimers is often questioned by a lot of participants, and they express concerns over a number of things. For example, security and safety net of the country are being infiltrated is a common notion. Job security, as well as public safety is another major concern. IPSOS tried to assuage the situation by asking them to consider the benefits.

Immigration lawyers in Toronto inform that the whole process is an attempt on the part of the Federal government to understand whether the public is receiving their work well. A lot of government officials are blaming the conservative party for harboring irrational fears in the mind of the general public.

Government officials claim that a lot of false information about the asylum seekers are being fed to the public be it about the number of people crossing borders everyday being exaggerated or making wild guesses as to what impact these foreigners will have on the country.

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However the government too seems to be divided in opinion in this matter. Some of them believe that the issue runs deeper, the permanent residents would not have questioned this process if their own sponsored family members were allowed permanent residence sooner. Immigration lawyers in Toronto are also of the opinion that this is causing the entire ruckus.

Some people are seeing this entire survey as wastage of a buck load of money. The government has been seeking to promote immigration to Canadians. IPSOS after conducting the study recommended that the government should try making the people of the country see the bright side of immigration, making them aware of the cultural and economic benefits that it would bring. Immigration lawyers in Toronto who have been catering to immigration process for a long time and have a lot of experience in the field, believe that the deeper issues need solving rather than promotion of the immigration system. The study only proved the practical concerns of the public and they cannot be assuaged by mere advertising.

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