Advantages and Disadvantages of Prenuptial Agreements

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Does anybody think that their marriage might not work at the time of proposal? The answer is no. Marriage is one of the happiest occasions of any person’s life. Thus, it is unthinkable for most to think about the doom and gloom that future might offer.

This unpreparedness can cost you dearly. You might be happy with the prospective partner at the moment, but nobody knows what the future holds, right?

So, get in touch with an Toronto divorce lawyers before you tie the knot. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of the prenuptial agreements which you can consider before taking the plunge.

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Many think that this is only for the uber rich people. This is not true at all. There are so many reasons for you to get the prenuptial agreement done.

Able to Document Separate Property

Before getting married you can make a list of the property that you own. The prospective partner can make his or her own list too. If you do end up in a courtroom, then this list will save the property that you owned before getting hitched. Take help from an experienced Toronto divorce lawyers to list each and every property of yours.

Avoiding Conflict

Most divorce case ends in a bitter battle between the parties who were once in love. A simple prenuptial agreement can make this bitterness go away. You can end the relationship with an amicable note which is good for the family and the kids.

Reduce the Costs of Divorce

A prenuptial agreement can make the divorce a less expensive matter. As you have sorted out the property dealings beforehand, the court proceedings will take less amount of time. A good Toronto divorce lawyers will suggest you to sign the prenups because it will make the divorce a less time consuming and less expensive matter.

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The prenups can help you to get on the same pages in cases of finance and property, but there are some negative aspects of the agreement as well.

Dampen the Romance

Talking about the prenup even before getting married can be a serious blow to the romance between you and your partner. The best way is to take your partner to an experienced Toronto divorce lawyers so that both of you can understand the pros and cons of the agreement.

Child Support Is Excluded

 You cannot mention anything about child support in the prenuptial agreements. The court will always have the final say in this kind of matters. Even if you put some clause in your prenups, it will be overruled by the court as the judge will decide the matter thinking what will be good for the child.

Court Can Set Aside The Agreement

 During the divorce proceedings, if the court feels that you have put some unfair points in your prenuptial agreement, then they can set the agreement aside for the proceeding of the court. As per the Toronto divorce lawyers, alimony waivers and agreements are the most common points which are thrown out by the court.

Now as you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the agreement clearly, determine whether you really want to make an agreement with your partner. Take professional help if necessary. However, to make it or not to make it is completely your decision.