How To Reduce the Penalties of a Misdemeanor Theft

The term misdemeanor theft is widely used in assault lawyer Toronto to refer to the offenses related to the theft of a person’s property without his permission. However, the theft has a very broad legal meaning that can encompass more than one category, and several degrees, of crimes. Misdemeanor Theft is often defined as the unauthorized removal of another person’s property with the intent to permanently deprive him or her of it. Within this definition, there are two key elements:

1) take the property of another person;

2) the necessary intention to deprive the victim of their assets permanently.

The element of subtraction in a robbery usually requires taking possession of a good that belongs to another and also involves removing or attempting to remove the good. However, it is the element of intent where most of the complex legal challenges usually arise in cases related to theft.

For example, Alex goes to Patrick’s computer store, keeps two flash drives in his pocket and goes out the door with the intention of keeping them. Alex can be accused of theft. If Alex had stolen Patrick’s car from the parking lot, Alex would probably be charged with qualified robbery.

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Is the Misdemeanour theft different from theft?

While some states have merged misdemeanor theft laws with general theft laws, other states have maintained misdemeanor theft as an independent crime.  Misdemeanor theft is a crime that developed through common law and covers the behavior that most people consider as common theft- the theft of another person’s property without permission. The states that still preserve the figure of theft have generally codified the definition of the common law in the penal code of the state.

The most common charge when it comes to cases of theft is petty theft, known as “petty theft” under criminal code 488. This charge is filed as a misdemeanor and carries a maximum penalty of one year.

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What are the Consequences and What Could be Done to getting Rid of them?

The Toronto Penal Code defines a charge of petty theft as theft of item (s) worth $ 300 or less. Assault lawyer Toronto represents many people facing charges of petty theft and it is rare the time a person with the first charge of theft receives a jail sentence.assault lawyer Toronto

In previous cases, assault lawyer Toronto reduced the charge of petty theft to an infraction (which prevents them from having a conviction in the criminal record) or if he has not negotiated with the prosecutor to reach an agreement that has the least possible effect on the criminal record and work.

Keep in mind that it is extremely important to contact assault lawyer Toronto to maintain a good record to obtain jobs, professional licenses, immigration issues or for the welfare of your family.

Petty theft case can be charged under criminal code 484 (a) -488.  Even taking clothes and watches from a store without paying comes under this section. This type of case could be problematic for both citizens and visitors.  You need to contact assault lawyer Toronto if you’ve faced such a problem ever.  It is important to hire an attorney who has a lot of experience with cases of petty theft.

Typical Types of Quasi Criminal Offences


Under the Criminal Code of Canada, any kind of criminal offence is considered to be very serious one. Basically, a criminal offence is considered to be an offence that is committed against the state. On the other hand, Canada considers another kind of offense to be very serious and it is known as Quasi-Criminal offense.  However, depending on the type of quasi criminal offense with which a person is charged with, a person can face serious consequences.  Hence, as soon as one in booked under this Quasi Criminal offense one should take the help of criminal lawyers Toronto.

Understanding Quasi Criminal Offences

Some people when charged with Quasi Criminal offence don’t take it seriously. However, if one does that they should remain prepared to face serious consequences like fines, incarceration, suspension of license, and civil or criminal prosecution.

Although, Quasi-criminal comes under the Canadian law, but it can vary from one jurisdiction to another. However, the offence is technically regarded as a type of non-criminal offence but which carries penalty similar to that of a criminal offence.

In case of a person being charged with quasi criminal offence, the accused have the right to take the help of legal representative in order to protect their interests and rights. In this respect, criminal layers Toronto states that quasi criminal offences can take place in any kind of environment like corporate environment.

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Lawyers Can Help In Understanding the Charges

Criminal lawyers are basically adept in handling all types of quasi criminal offences, in spite of the fact that it falls under the Criminal Code or any part of law regulation. The attorney will always try to protect the rights of their clients accused of quasi-criminal offence.

Moreover, when one takes the help of a lawyer, one gets to learn about the different kind of quasi criminal charges. Criminal lawyers Toronto can work on the following kind of offences. They are:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Liquor Control Act
  • Ontario Securities Act

The federal government may pass criminal laws in Canada, but other parts of the government like federal or provincial or municipal can also pass a wide range of regulatory laws. Regulatory conviction can have serious consequences on the life of a person, such as:

  • Harm to business reputation
  • Negative impact on credit ratings
  • Denial of license
  • Getting debarred from business opportunities

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However, criminal lawyers Toronto states that some typical quasi criminal offences are:

  • Provincial Offence Proceedings: It can relate to minor offences that get initiated when a ticket for offence is provided to the accused. For example, a ticket for traffic violation and so on.
  • Dog Owners Liability Act: It relates to public safety in relation to dogs like pit bulls. Endangering a person’s life is considered to be serious and punishable.
  • Provincial Environment Regulatory Proceedings: Basically, citizens and government should protect the environment. Industries, businesses, and farmers are subject to this prosecution in case they pose a threat to the environment.

Criminal lawyers Toronto can provide skillful representation for clients from the very beginning of a case. The lawyer can help clients to get their sentences reduced and gain back their reputation.

Fighting Sexual Assaults Cases with the Help of Criminal Lawyer

Sexual assault is regarded as one of the gravest crimes in Canada. The Canadian justice system is very strict regarding sexual assault. Getting accused of a sex crime charge can be one of the most deadly things that can happen in one’s carrier. Even when you are accused of the crime and not convicted, it can bring severe consequences for you and your family. It can damage the reputation of the person as well as of the family members. Hence, if you get accused of a sexual assault case, it’s better to take the help of a specialist criminal lawyer.

Going by their immense knowledge in the area of sexual assault, a criminal attorney can help clients by successfully defending their case. Consulting a lawyer can help the accused to come up with the best possible outcome.

Get To Know About Sexual Assault

A criminal lawyer can help the accused to learn about the components of sexual assault. The criminal Code of Canada clearly defines the offenses of assault and sexual assault. Sexual assault can be clearly defined as the act of assault committed in circumstances, where the sexual integrity of a victim gets violated.

Keeps a Close Tab of the Case

Sexual assault lawyers keep a close tab of the case. They work with the forensic team, investigators or police officials in order to ensure that the prosecutor is presenting the right facts and not tampering the facts. In case, the prosecutor tries to hide any evidences, the criminal lawyer can easily challenge their claim. They can come up with right evidences which can easily uncover the false sexual assault accusations.


Gather Evidences and Investigate

An accusation of sexual assault requires immediate action. Lawyers with proper knowledge can help clients to determine if the assault that has been occurred, was sexual in nature. The lawyers can examine the circumstances, gather evidences and investigate. Based on the investigation result, they can come up with an effective strategy that can help in defending the accused or for bargaining the plea sentence.

Protect Your Right

Often getting charged of a sexual interference with a minor can result in long prison term and huge penalty. Well, a conviction of this kind may lead you to get marked as a sexual offender. You might also lose your job. Taking the help of a criminal defense attorney is important in the sexual assault cases. An experienced criminal lawyer can represent clients and challenge the claims of the prosecutor and protect the rights and interests.

In fact, criminal defense attorney can carry out a detailed analysis of the evidences, cross-examine the statements, and come up with a best defense strategy for successfully defending their client.

An experienced lawyer specialized in fighting sexual assault cases can easily fight for the complainant’s credibility in respect to the allegations. The lawyer can easily get prior records of sexual history of the complainant or obtain medical records. In case, the accused is guilty, the criminal lawyer can help in negotiating a bargain with the prosecutor so that the sentence can be reduced.