3 Steps to Take If Your Boss Sexually Harasses You

Sexual harassment in a workplace is a crucial issue which can have an impact on the working men and women. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most difficult things that the employees have to deal with. It is pretty common for the person who has faced sexual harassment to feel useless. They feel that they will not be able do anything in order to change the situation for better.

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Employment lawyers Toronto state that the witness of sexual harassment might be caught in between a rock and a hard place. Thus, they will feel empathic towards the victim but will be afraid to speak up. When people are sexually harassed by their boss, their job is at stake. The rules and laws surrounding sexual discrimination and harassment is for protecting the employees against the devastating effects of sexual harassment at several levels. Here are some actions that you can take against sexual harassment stated by employment lawyers Toronto.

Speak Up

When you are being sexually harassed by your boss in a hostile work environment, the responsible parties might not come to realize that what they are doing is offensive. In case you are the victim who has been harassed, the first step you need to take for resolving problem will be to let the offending candidate know that you consider their conduct to be offensive. In some cases, this will solve the problem because the offensive conduct will stop due to genuine concern. Your boss might also stop in order to avoid further workplace tension. However, if the issue is not resolved in this stage, you need to put the harasser on notice that you find his or her conduct to be offensive.employment lawyer toronto

Follow the Employer’s Procedure

You might think, what is the offensive conduct of your boss doesn’t stop or he/she tells that he/she doesn’t care about what you are saying? Employment lawyers Toronto mentions that many companies have a detailed procedure to handle the sexual harassment claims. In case your organization has such a procedure then you have to follow it to the letter. Make sure that you take a note of the time limits that have been mentioned in the policy. For instance, there are some employer policies which mention that the harassment has to be reported. Thus, if your company has designated a staff of being responsible for the obtaining sexual harassment complaint, you should start there.

In case your organization doesn’t have a place for reporting harassment then you need to complain to your immediate supervisor. This is important for an hostile environment as per employment lawyers Toronto. Keep a record of the harassment episodes, complaints, and the incidents related.

Administrative Charge

If you fail to resolve your complaint of your sexual harrassment by using the internal procedures and wish to pursue the matter then you can file an administrative charge with an adequate governmental agency says employment lawyers Toronto. The agency will investigate the claim and will try to fix it by negotiating with the employer. In case that your claim is valid, it will issue a right to sue letter.

If all this fails, you can take the help of the civil lawsuit for some injuries that you suffered due to the sexual harassment.